Your RTK settings

RTK connectivity (via device) – Please bare in mind each RTK manufacturer will have a different user interface so the procedure may change but the settings you will require from us remain the same on every RTK compatible device.

  • Check if the RTK settings have been filled in correctly, the right settings can be found in the confirmation email you should receive on account creation.
    • Server Address:, or:
    • IP-address:
    • Username & password: provided by your RTK Premium supplier.
    • Port number: 2181 (Country specific)*
    • Mountpoint:
      • GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO: PRSRTCM3_G4 (*where available)
      • GPS & GLONASS: PRSRTCM3 or Pseudo Reference Stations RTCM3
  • If the device is correctly connected to the server address and port number, it could be that the mount points are automatically retrieved. If not, please fill in the recommended mount point manually.
  • Change server address & IP address
    • Server address:
    • IP address:
  • Change mountpoint (be aware of the right port number per country, you can see the attached maps for a more detailed overview below)
    • PRSRTCM3_G4 = GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO (Port: 2181)*
    • PRSRTCM3 = GPS & GLONASS (Port: EU: 2181 / UK: 2131)*

*Please use the correct port number for the country/region you are connecting in with the relevant mountpoint.