KPN Cisco Jasper web portal

The KPN Cisco Jasper web portal is a platform that allows users to manage connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) services. It provides tools for monitoring and managing IoT deployments, including device provisioning, connectivity management, and data usage tracking. The portal is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their IoT solutions and gain insights into their connected devices.

Sim Status Definition: 

  • Test ready – the initial state of an unused SIM card. The sim is not yet billed while in this state, but can be used as if it has the status ‘activated’. A sim will automatically change to the Activated status from Test Ready after about 200KB of data traffic has been generated in total.
  • Activated – The regular status of a SIM card that’s being used in a device.
  • Activation Ready – SIM cards in devices that have had about a week with no usage are given this status through an automated process. Functionally the status is the same as ‘Activated’, and it’s purely a visual difference without a practical difference. As soon as an Activation Ready sim card is used for a data session, SMS or voice traffic, it changes back to ‘Activated’ status.
  • Inventory – A status we don’t use, clients sometimes use this for sims in stock. We’d still recommend leaving these on Test Ready to not activate the subscription too early by manually changing a sim away from Test Ready. 
  • Deactivated – In this state, the sim card can’t start data traffic, send SMS or start voice traffic. The device with the sim card can still receive SMS or voice calls, however. A deactivated sim card is still being billed, and if you have a data bundle, the sim will still add to the bundle pool total.
  • Retired – A sim card that has been terminated and for which the billing will stop if the subscription period has been passed. No activity is possible anymore in this state. Often, retired SIM cards are moved away from your Jasper account and will not show up in the overview.