Business case: Boels’ multi-country RTK approach


Boels is easily one of the largest rental companies in Europe. They offer access to the largest and widest range of modern and high-quality equipment and tools. One of their bigger categories are the measuring instruments for construction, infrastructure and

industrial purposes.

As Boels is growing rapidly across Europe, availability, efficiency, quality, and costs are key components of their business. How can they optimize their processes for future growth, while still offering the service and quality their customers are looking for?

About Boels

Boels Survey & Laser Europe’s one-stop shop for measuring instruments and communication solutions.

  • Boels Survey & Laser is part of the Boels Group. Founded in 1977 by Pierre Boels. Now Boels is one of the largest European rental specialists operating in 18 counties and over 7.000 employees.
  • Boels Survey & Laser focuses mainly on surveyors and land surveyors, but also supplies a wide range of safety and communication solutions for industry, the infrastructure sector, and the events sector.
  • What makes Boels so unique is its certified service department. It is the most advanced, multi-brand certified as well as the largest in Europe. It employs instrument makers with over 40 years of experience.

Their challenge

Boels is growing rapidly throughout Europe. To keep their processes as efficient as possible and the quality of their products high, they were looking for a strong RTK correction network with European coverage and with a high measurement accuracy (<1,5cm).

How can Boels Survey & Laser optimise their processes during a rapid European expansion, and still offer high-quality products and services?

The solution 

The ideal solution for Boels Survey & Laser would be one universal and European RTK correction network which is compatible with every GNSS device and has cross-border functionality. 

Only one provider for all administrators in Europe. This gives Boels operational efficiency benefits and significantly reduces their costs. This is where Premium Positioning steps in.

After testing in different countries and customers in combination with different reports, Boels Survey & Laser has implemented Premium Positioning’s RTK network. Supported with training for the administrators.

Boels Survey & Laser not only has one RTK correction network throughout Europe, they can also manage their RTK accounts themselves. Creating personalized accounts in 20 seconds, monitoring live data and a live map, to provide the best support to their customers.

RTK PREMIUM            25+                  60 km average             2.000 base      Compatible with

NETWORK:                  countries         baseline                       stations           all GNSS devices


The operational benefits of Boel’s Survey & Laser are considerable: 

  • Through a brand-independent RTK service provider and a multi-industry approach, Boels is able to serve the best brand-independent equipment needed in Europe. 
  • The solution reduces Boels’ annual RTK costs by more than 30% year-over-year and increases their profitability by >50k, based on 250 RTK devices year-over-year.
  • After the acquisition of Cramo – a leading rental company in Nordic and Central Europe – Boels’ European fleet has again been significantly expanded. Something that in turn contributes to one European independent RTK network.

Quote from Boels

“Our customized RTK Premium Europe Enterprise

solution provides all our GPS and machine control

systems throughout Europe, with centimeter accuracy

(<1,5cm) and enables us to work fully independently using one simple account”.