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Precise and Dependable Positioning Solutions

For a variety of industries and applications, Premium Positioning offers precise and dependable positioning solutions. Our RTK network offers centimeter-level accuracy, allowing customers to make informed decisions and perform complex tasks with greater precision. From mining and construction to agricultural and maritime, our solutions are improving productivity and safety in a variety of industries. We are dedicated to offering reliable positioning solutions that benefit economic, social, and environmental change everywhere in the world.

Centimeter-level accuracy and spans a number of industries

For a variety of industries and applications, Premium Positioning provides precise positioning solutions. Our RTK network offers centimeter-level accuracy and spans a number of industries, including mining, agriculture, and the marine industry. Our network, which has 2000 base stations spread across 25 different European nations, makes sure that our customers always have access to precise and trustworthy positioning information. Our baseline distance of 70 km allows for even greater accuracy and precision in complex applications.

Our purpose-built positioning management platform provides customers with the best possible tools for managing their assets. It provides a variety of capabilities, including remote help and real-time data visualization, making it a practical and effective choice for clients of all sizes.

Who are our Customers?

Our clients at Premium Positioning come from a diverse variety of applications and industries. We provide precise positioning solutions for construction companies, mining operations, environmental monitoring agencies, sports tracking organizations, infrastructure providers, machine control manufacturers, marine operators, UAV operators, and agricultural enterprises. 

Our solutions are created to address the particular difficulties and complexity faced by each industry, guaranteeing that our clients have access to precise and trustworthy location data that enables them to make informed decisions and carry out projects with higher accuracy. In order to deliver specialized solutions that satisfy their particular objectives, we carefully collaborate with our customers to understand their needs.

The IoT connectivity pioneers

The world of connectivity is ever changing. And we’re constantly developing, evolving and transforming our services to bring our customers more powerful solutions.

Our focus is entirely on our customers – meeting customers where they are to help them innovate by providing expert service and the most flexible, resilient and secure connectivity solutions in the market.

We have pioneered the IoT connectivity market since 2000 and are now leading its future as a global solution provider and market leader. We deliver customised IoT connectivity solutions for each customer, helping them to accelerate the return on their IoT investment.

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