Searching by keywords

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Control Center lets you search for specific information across different data columns, which change depending on the page you’re on. You’ll see which columns you can search in by looking at the placeholder text inside the search box.

To search, type what you’re looking for into the search box and hit the Enter key. Control Center will scan the specified columns for exact matches of your search term, surrounded by spaces. Don’t worry about uppercase or lowercase; the search doesn’t care about that.For example, if you type “acme” on the Device List page, it will find records like “Acme widgets” or “123 acme inc” because “acme” is a whole word there. However, it won’t find “AcmeX” because there’s no space after “acme”.

You can also use a wildcard, “*”, in your search. This lets you find parts of words or whole words that include whatever comes before or after the “*”. For instance, searching “945*22” could find “9450022” or “945abc22”. You can use more than one wildcard if you need to. When Control Center shows you the results, it will highlight the parts that matched your search in blue.

Search Tips #

  • Instead of typing lots of search terms like ICCIDs directly into the main Search field, use the Filters option. This helps narrow down what you see without overwhelming the search box. Check out the section on Filtering Data for more info.
  • When you’re dealing with a table in Control Center that has more than 300 items, go straight to the Filters search. This lets you pick out exactly what you’re looking for with specific criteria that match the data on the page. Using filters not only speeds up the search but also shows you only what’s relevant to your selected filters. Again, take a look at Filtering Data to understand how this works.