Sim card connection

If a sim card is not connected to the internet the following steps can be followed to solve this issue.

  1. Reboot device 
    1. Start with a reboot of the device, this gives the device the chance to reset and set up a fresh connection with our RTK Premium caster
  2. SIM Connectivity check (via device)
    1. Start with a check on the device connectivity, essential for a stable RTK connection.
      1. Go to a browser and Google something
    2. If you still have no internet; Check if the APN settings are correct, for RTK Premium SIM: simpoint.m2m
    3. If you still have no internet; Check if the data roaming of the device is enabled
    4. If you still have no internet; Check the SIM connectivity in a different device (phone/tablet)
      1. Whenever the internet connection has been ensured, continue to paragraph ‘4. RTK configuration settings device’ otherwise go to the RTK SIM web portal to perform a SIM connectivity check via the SIM portal (3)
  3. SIM Connectivity check (via our RTK SIM portal)
    1. Via the KPN SIM DIAGNOSES function
      1. Open the RTK Premium KPN web portal ( and log in with your username/password. If you do not have this, please request your supplier to do this. 
      2. Go to devices, search for your ICCID number (*+ last 6 digits) and select the SIM. 
      3. Press DIAGNOSE on top of the screen to evaluate the SIM performance
        1. If there is a failure, look at the possible reasons for failure. If this does not solve the issue, there is a possibility of RESETTING the SIM
          1. RESET the SIM card
            1. Go to ‘advanced spotlight’ to reset the SIM via ‘Send cancel location’. 
            2. The SIM will automatically reset within minutes
            3. Please follow the steps mentioned above under ACTIVATE SIM
        2. If there is no failure, the SIM is successfully connected to the internet. 

Whenever you continue to experience RTK SIM connectivity issues, please contact our RTK Premium SIM provider Wireless Logic and keep us informed (cc)