Navigating the Seas with Premium Positioning's RTK Network

Our network provides centimeter-level accuracy, allowing you to make precise decisions in your operations.

In marine applications, accurate positioning is essential for safe navigation and efficient operations. Premium Positioning’s RTK network provides the accuracy and dependability required for these tasks. Our network offers centimeter-level accuracy, allowing marine operators to navigate vessels with greater precision, perform dredging and underwater construction with greater efficiency, and map underwater terrain with greater detail. Our network is also highly scalable, making it suitable for a wide range of marine applications, from small recreational boats to large commercial vessels.


Navigating the Seas with Premium Positioning's RTK Network

Premium Positioning’s RTK network is a powerful solution for marine applications. Our network provides navigators with the accuracy and reliability needed to safely navigate vessels in even the most challenging environments. With our RTK network, navigators can precisely navigate vessels, perform dredging and underwater construction with greater accuracy, map underwater terrain with greater detail, and monitor ocean currents and tides with greater precision. Our network also offers user-friendly features such as real-time data visualization and remote support, making it a convenient and efficient solution for marine operators of all sizes.


Marine & Navigation

Navigation and positioning of vessels


Dredging and underwater construction

Hydrographic survey

Mapping of underwater terrain

Port Management

Monitoring of ocean currents and tides

Global RTK Premium GNSS network

When it comes to positioning data, we at Premium Positioning are aware of how important accuracy and dependability are. Because of this, our RTK network provides centimeter-level accuracy, enabling our users to make accurate operational decisions. Because of our network’s outstanding 99.9% uptime, consumers can always rely on their positional information. With over 1,000 base stations and 10,000 users across Europe, our network is also very expandable. 

For organizations of all sizes, its user-friendly features, like real-time data visualization and remote help, make it a practical and effective option. Our RTK network offers the accuracy and dependability required for these industries to grow, making it suitable for precision agriculture, construction, and surveying applications, as well as other industries that require highly accurate positioning data such as mining, forestry, and transportation.

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