Business case: COPTRZ leading UK’s drone industry through 360 all-in-one solutions


The use of drones for surveying and construction has already transformed the workflows of many organisations across the globe, reducing costs, time on site and occupational safety.

UK-based COPTRZ is one of Europe’s leading drone specialists. By offering 360 drone solutions, Coptrz seek to provide their customers with a complete solution, including training, hardware, software & learning resources.

How could COPTRZ further enhance their drone solutions? How could they take another step in improving their time on-site and lowering costs?

About Coprtz

COPTRZ is transforming the UK’s survey, inspection and safety industry by their bullet-proof drone methodology.

  • By using their methodology, clients reduce their time on the side by 60 to 80%, they save money and work more safely than ever before.
  • COPTRZ is operational in multiple industries such as surveying, inspection, education, police, agriculture and construction.
  • By providing a full fleet of drones and the impactful COPTRZ drone Academy, COPTRZ helped over 1.000 companies introduce drone technology to their workflow.

The Challenge

hasCOPTRZ is already the market leader in the UK and have one of the largest product ranges. Yet they want to ensure they’re providing their customers with the best possible solutions. 

How can COPTRZ increase customer satisfaction by integrating a European RTK correction network in its products to provide an all-in-one solution?

The Solution

A challenge faced by COPTRZ customers in the past was the purchasing of an RTK licence from a different supplier.

By partnering with Premium Positioning, COPTRZ has gained access to a premium European RTK network, giving their customers the option to purchase a license with their drone.

COPTRZ have since integrated the RTK Licence within a number of their packages, furthering their 360 solution capabilities.

COPTRZ are now able to quickly provide their customers with an RTK licence in a matter of minutes, enabling increased survey accuracy and live monitoring.

Surveyors in the UK now have the opportunity to purchase a full drone solution from COPTRZ, including an RTK licence from Premium Positioning.

RTK PREMIUM            25+                  60 km average             2.000 base      Compatible with

NETWORK:                  countries         baseline                       stations           all GNSS devices


  • now offersCOPTRZ is now offers the largest product range for commercial drones in the UK, from hardware & software, to training and pilot licenses.
  • The all-in-one RTK solution gives COPTRZ customers a significant saving on their RTK and drone solutions, ensuring they’re fully ready to begin surveying.
  • COPTRZ increased their customer satisfaction tremendously enabling steady growth in happy clients within the UK.