GNSMART Software

GNSMART by Geo++ is an advanced GNSS technology software, tailored for Network RTK applications. It processes data from a network of reference stations, offering Network-RTK corrections that are efficiently distributed to end users. This technology enables instantaneous carrier phase ambiguity resolution and delivers centimeter-level accuracies seconds after data reception

Key Components of GNSMART

  • Input Modules: These modules accept and preprocess data from reference stations, ensuring versatile input compatibility.
  • Processing Modules: Implementing geodetic adjustment, network ambiguity resolution, and state parameter estimation, these modules form the core of GNSMART’s processing capability.
  • Output Modules: Tailored to generate and convert GNSS corrections as per end-user requirements, these modules are crucial for application-specific solutions.
  • Web-Based Management: A user-friendly interface for configuration and management, enhancing the overall user experience.

GNSS Corrections for Network RTK

GNSMART supports a range of standard formats for end-user corrections, including:


Hardware Compatibility and Future-Readiness

GNSMART’s flexible design allows customers to choose their hardware, supporting all geodetic GNSS receiver brands and both proprietary and standardized data formats. A comprehensive database of receiver/antenna-dependent biases ensures interoperability across different receiver types. Additionally, GNSMART’s state modeling approach is future-ready, offering state-space corrections for all reference networks, regardless of their scale – global, regional, or local.

Understanding OSR and SSR Corrections

GNSMART provides both Observation Space Representation (OSR) and State Space Representation (SSR) corrections:

  • OSR Corrections: In Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) services, a network of reference stations observes the cumulative errors and provides range corrections for each supported satellite, frequency, and signal combination. This requires homogeneous signal processing across all reference stations.
  • SSR Corrections: A network of reference stations decorrelates and estimates different GNSS error components such as satellite clocks, orbits, signal biases, ionospheric delay/advance, and tropospheric delay. SSR allows users to compute GNSS corrections valid for their position, and it supports transmitting statistical accuracy information.

Scalable Services for Diverse Applications

GNSMART offers scalable services with various applications. OSR corrections require duplex communication media as the user must transmit their approximate position to generate corrections. Conversely, SSR-based network RTK uses simplex communication media (satellite and ground-based broadcast), allowing the service to potentially support an unlimited number of users simultaneously. This makes SSR services particularly suited for mass-market applications such as autonomous vehicles and drones.