License Configuration for Leica iCON iCG70

1. Establish the TCP internet connection via a SIM card. This guide is to demonstrate the setup of Premium Positioning KPN sim.

2. With the CC80 Panasonic tablet turned on. Close the iCON software to reveal the Windows OS behind the Leica iCON programme.

3. Located in the bottom right corner of the screen you will find the Windows shortcuts tab. Finding the WiFi/Celluar tab – Enter the Network & Settings tab.

4. Enter the cellular settings.

5. Within the Celluar menu. Ensure Roaming Options is set to ‘Roam’, from this menu. Continue into Advanced Options.

6. Enter a new APN by selecting the Add an APN + symbol.

7. Give the APN Profile a name. We suggest: simpoint.m2m

8. Add the APN (string): simpoint.m2m

9. No username or password is required.

10. Ensure the APN profile will be applied by ticking the ‘Apply this profile’ box.

11. Check the internet connection by opening up the internet browser and opening a tab.

12. Now reopen the iCON application.

13. Once the application is loaded. Head to the devices option on the home screen.

14. Within the devices menu. Create a new profile. With the iCG70 devices, a Bluetooth connection is established.

15. Following the Profile Wizard through to the next stage. The wizard will require your provided credentials given by Premium Positioning or a chosen reseller.

16. In the device menu > find the device (often by serial number of the receiver), then click the small arrow to the right of the device to enter its configuration.

17. Click new configuration or edit an existing configuration.

18. Basic Settings: Sensor mode: Rover, Use: Network, Connect via NTRIP.

19. Navigate the wizard by selecting the blue dot in the top right corner.

20. NTRIP Settings: Address: (IP:, PORT NUMBER: EU: 2181 / UK: 2131(G2) & 2181(G4) Username: RTK Username provided by Premium Positioning. Password: Password for the same RTK username provided by Premium Positioning.

21. Mountpoint Settings: Mountpoint: PRSRTCM3 (UK Port 2131, EU Port 2181) or PRSRTCM3_G4 (Port 2181) (for a more detailed breakdown per country please contact Network Type: VRS or IMAX (however this is specific to geographical location compared to reference station location).

22. Antenna Settings: Input the correct pole height for accurate results.

23. Status Page: Give your profile a name. We suggest the account username. On this page, with a solid internet connection & ample satellites you will begin to see the Corrections, last minute: increase to 100% and the Position Quality: will cycle through Navigated > DGPS, xRTK eventually reaching a FIXED position quality. Note: this FIXED position quality is relevant to the thresholds set with the iCON software.

24. Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the Premium Positioning RTK network. Happy measuring!

Further notes: Please apply regular firmware updates to your device, with the relevant CCPs purchased by Leica Geosystems.