Business case: How MarXact integrated RTK to deliver an all-in-one solution to their European customers


Having an all-in-one solution for your customers is highly valued by the GNSS industry. If you’re a manufacturer of intuitive soft and hard products, you need an accurate RTK correction network to make it work.

Meet marXact, an ambitious GNSS company that creates and develops intuitive products in the GNSS industry. Their promise to their customers is to make surveying easy and possible for everyone.

MarXact not only provides access to an accurate RTK correction network, through a smart RTK portal they can also integrate the network into their products.


Based in the Netherlands, it develops and manufactures intuitive software and hardware products in the GNSS industry.

  • Founded in 2017 by 2 entrepreneurial spirits, now with a 30+ FTE team, full of specialists, serving a significant group of field workers in the Benelux.
  • MarXact makes centimetre accuracy easy and affordable for any field worker who knows how to use a smartphone.
  • Serving multiple industries and  disciplines like infrastructure, construction, land, gardening, agriculture, roads, water, land and geospatial 

Their Challenge 

MarXact wants to make surveying possible for everyone. They do this through their intuitive software and hardware. But this is not enough.

 How can marXact use access to a European RTK correction network to strengthen its products and deliver an all-in-one solution to its customers?


By entering into a multi-year partnership with Premium Positioning, MarXact has access to a European RTK Premium correction network. This gives their product the ability to measure accurately (<1.5cm) within Europe.

In addition to access, MarXact integrated the RTK network into their software and hardware products. In this way, they create an all-in-one solution for their end consumer.

MarXact is able to create their own personalized RTK accounts within 20 seconds and monitor live data and live maps on site when needed, to provide excellent support to their customers.

By having an RTK correction network provider that they can integrate into their products, MarXact works very efficiently allowing them to stay focused on delivering smart GNSS products that are accessible to everyone. 

Every field worker in the Benelux can now work with MarXact’s intuitive products in combination with Premium Positioning’s high-quality cross-border European RTK Premium Correction network.

RTK PREMIUM            25+                  60 km average             2.000 base      Compatible with

NETWORK:                  countries         baseline                       stations           all GNSS devices


The operational benefits of Marxact Survey & Laser are considerable:

  • By integrating the RTK Premium correction network into their products, up to 100 field workers are surveying with marXact equipment every moment of the working day.
  • MarXact’s all-in-one solution is driving significant growth of their business at 200% year-on-year. As a result, they grew from 2FTE in 2017 to a group of 30+ surveying specialists in 2021.
  • By closely monitoring – and constantly approving the quality of the network, the uptime scores an impressive 99.98% since 2018.