Business Case: Reliability, key in the automotive industry

Introduction #

DTC is one of Europe’s best solution providers in the field of high-end precision measurement solutions for automobile manufacturers worldwide. They are known for their intelligent navigation solutions in conjuction with all nescessary and accesories and services.

Within the automotive industry and ADAS* testing, high precision navigation is a key aspect in which you need a correction data service. DTC’s customers require high-end INSS-products that have 100% reliable position data for international test drive campaigns.

About DTC #

DTC is a complete solution partner for measurement technology for autonomous driving and ADAS testing.

  • DTC has over 20 years of experience in the field of navigation measurement technology. Their extensive and carefully selected portfolio is designed for measurement engineers in the areas of autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems.
  • DTC sold nearly 1000 navigation measurement systems and provided more than 20.000 hours of technical support to their clients. DTC passes on their know-how and expertise in theory and in practice.
  • Knowing exactly what challenges the test engineers face, DTC delivers various user friendly and technically mature products such as: high-precision INS systems, RTK services, NCAP targets and Lidar systems.

Their challenge #

DTC’s customers require high-end INSS-products that have 100% reliable position data for test drive campaigns. They require an international RTK-service with no manual interactions during the test campaigns.

How could DTC enhance their INSS-products, so their customers could carry out international test drive campaigns more efficiently and focused in multiple European countries and North America?

The solution #

Finding an international correction data service provider that delivers a high-precision network in cross-border areas. That was needed. After several failed attempts with

other service providers, DTC finally found Premium Positioning.

Two months of extensive testing and professional support started in various international projects. The testing phase ended with a positive surprise for DTC, knowing that they

finally found the solution they were looking for. DTC and Premium Positioning agreed to a multi-year partnership for the whole of Europe.

An international RTK Premium correction service provider that delivers a high-precision and reliable network with cross-border functionalities. Via these cross-border functionalities, DTC’s clients could effortlessly test without the hassle of changing networks when crossing the border.

Besides the cross-border functionalities, DTC now also offers a RTK Premium correction signal for brand-independent hardware which are working with all constellations available.

Results #

A reliable and international correction service with cross-border functionality directly delivers added value to DTC’s goal; optimizing the use of their systems with maximum output for successful automotive test tasks.

  • DTC’s offer and proposition towards new clients in the automotive industry is strengthened by adding a reliable cross-border RTK functionality;
  • Through the cross-border RTK functionality, customers are carrying out international test drive campaigns more efficiently and effectively by solely focusing on driving and collecting data;
  • By continuously adding new regions, DTC’s customers are allowed to do their test in more and more countries.

Quote from DTC #

“Through the access of an international cross-border RTK correction signal, our clients can effortlessly test, drive and capture date and thereby increase the level of efficiency and effectivity”.

Thomas Nickel – CEO