Billing Process

At Premium Positioning, we value our customers highly. We try to provide suitable solutions for every client in every area. On this page, we inform you about our standard billing process. If you have additional requirements, you can express them at email address: or create a ticket in our system.

Our standard billing process is as follows:

  • Standard billing interval for RTK subscriptions and SIM cards is 1 year. Other intervals are possible for RTK subscriptions. Please contact us for your customised request at or at
  • Invoices are sent on the 1st of the month following the activation month or month in which the subscription is renewed. If no end date is agreed, subscriptions are tacitly renewed annually.
  • Invoices are only sent via email from an automated system to the customer’s specified email addresses.
  • We expect to receive cancellations 1 month before the expiry of the current billing period via Please note that RTK subscriptions and SIM cards must always be cancelled separately, stating the name of the RTK subscription and the ICCID number of the SIM card.
  • If no cancellation is received, the invoice is automatically generated and sent on the 1st of the month.
  • To overcome late activations, a second billing round per month has been implemented. This takes place around the 15th of the month. An analysis is run in which all active RTK subscriptions and SIM cards are viewed with the corresponding billing history. If it appears that the relevant subscription or SIM card has been missed in the relevant billing month, an invoice is sent after notification to the customer concerned.
  • Complaints and disputes regarding invoices must be reported within 30 days of receiving these invoices via The designated person within Premium Positioning’s finance department will deal with your complaint within two days and send you feedback.
  • The standard payment term is 14 days. If you require a change to the standard please contact