Premium Positioning RTK License Configuration for Leica MC1 (iCON) MCP80

Here is a step-by-step guide on setting up RTK Premium on your Leica MC1 (iCON) 


Menus and UI may vary by Firmware version. This guide is based on version 6.2, however, the configuration for Premium Positioning RTK remains unchanged.

  1. With the MCP80 turned on. Ensuring the rest of the machine control system is engaged including CGA antennae plugged in, with a good unobstructed view of the sky for ample satellite visibility. Also, the iCG82 or ICA202 functions with an active SIM card installed into the modem unit. Please now from the main menu, select the Positioning tab.
  2. Within the Positioning tab, you will find the Positioning Profiles menu. Please enter the GNSS profile by selecting the box as shown below.
  3. Select the ‘+’ (New) symbol from the bottom row of options.
  4. The next menu will require you to select the RTK source, please select to use the Modem, with the mode set to Online and the Protocol set to NTRIP. (At this point the system must recognise the active sim card in the GNSS receiver to continue.) 
  5. Once the sim has been activated a ‘play button’ in the bottom right-hand corner will appear to proceed to the next menu.
  6. The PIN & PUK code will be set by default and automatically set. Select the next icon to proceed to the next menu.
  7. For the above menu, please enter the APN String: simpoint.m2m if using a Premium Positioning provided Sim Card  – Note: the Use APN ID is not required, as the KPN sim cards do not require a username and password, this can be left blank. If you are using any other sim card of a different carrier, please find the APN string, username & password in the network provider documentation or feel free to reach out to for assistance. Once ready, please select ‘Connect to Internet’ and wait for the symbol to verify the connection has been made. This connection can take a short while to connect, once ready and the ‘Not Connected” has changed to ‘Connected’, the next button will appear again in the bottom right corner to proceed.
  8. In the next menu (below) you will find the NTRIP settings page. Please enter as follows:
    – Address: (IP:
    – Port Number: EU: 2181 / UK: 2131(G2) & 2181(G4) 
    – User ID: RTK Username provided by Premium Positioning. 
    – Password: Password for the same RTK username provided by Premium Positioning.
    – Once connected the play button to proceed next will appear. 
  9. Select the mount point and network type you wish to work with:
  10. Select the default settings as below:

  11. Select the antenna you are using – most likely either CGA60 or CGA100
  12. Give your profile a name and the corrections, last minute will begin to rise in a few seconds, note sometimes this can take a couple of minutes.

    Once you have 100% corrections last minute, you should be good to go!