Creating RTK accounts

1. User management hierarchy  #

This is the view in the left sidebar of the USER MANAGEMENT login.  

  •  Home
  •  Premium_Positioning = LOGIN
  •  User Management =  
  • Profiles (all) = Here you can find the hierarchy of the RTK Portal, the Legenda is given below
    • Customer
    • RTK subscriptions
    • Sub-Dealer

2. How to Create Customers: #

  1. Go to Customer 
  2. Press on the left top on the “+”
  3. Fill in the customer information
  4. Press Save
  5. The portal offers the option to either directly create an RTK subscription or to create one by selecting “RTK subscriptions” to set up an RTK account.
  6. If you click on “RTK subscriptions”, you will be directed to the RTK account portal. Please follow the steps below to create an RTK account.

3. How to create an RTK account. #

Here we will explain how to create an RTK account on the RTK Portal

  1. Go to RTK subscription* 
  2. Press on the left top on the “+”


  • Company name + “-01” 
  • For Trial-account = company + “-trial”
    • Suggestion: Keep it as compact as possible for easier login on the RTK device and use lower cases  


  1. Customer that has been created in 2. Customers


  1. “Starting date”

Valid until

  1. “End date”


  1. Similar to “Name”

SIM card number (ICCID)

  1. If the customer also ordered the sim card add it to the portal

Subscription type

  1. Limited
    • 40 hours per month access to RTK Premium Network
  2. Unlimited
    • Unlimited access to RTK 
    • Premium Network

After creating the account press “Save”

*If you have already created a customer and clicked “RTK subscription” on the customer page, you can skip steps 1 and 2.