Diagnostics is a useful tool for identifying common issues that may cause loss or reduction in connectivity. It helps speed up the problem-solving process by offering early advice during basic-level support, and it doesn’t require the user to have extensive technical expertise. When used on an individual device, the Diagnostics tool examines the current status and past connection data. It uses troubleshooting algorithms to check each part of the connection from the device to the customer’s main application.

Test results for each diagnostic test are reported in one of the following states:

Green (OK)Setup and connection performance appear to be standard.
Yellow (Warning)The device has previously shown standard setup and connection patterns, but it is not connected at the moment. (This status is specific to Network Connection and IP/Internet tests.)
Red (Error)The present setup and connection patterns suggest an issue, with no historical data indicating past successful connections.
Gray (Pending or Unknown)The status is unknown, suggesting that the wizard lacked the necessary data to conduct significant diagnostic procedures.