One RTK subscription or multiple, surveyor or robotics, we have a solution for everyone in every industry.

RTK Solutions

Single RTK user

Do you want to reduce your RTK costs while still making use of a best-in-class RTK GNSS Network? We have an attractive offer for you. Get in touch now what we can do for you.

Enterprise account

Managing multiple RTK accounts effortlessly, without the hassle of different network settings and the possibility to work cross-border while saving costs? Get in touch now for your personalised offer.


Adding another income stream to your portfolio by becoming an official reseller of the RTK Premium GNSS Network. Get in touch now to find out how you can increase your income.


Adding our RTK Premium GNSS network in to your hardware is a great all-in-one solution to your end consumer. Get in touch now to find out about the possibilities to effortlessly connect the network into your hardware.


Making precise positioning available for everyone. End-users, hardware manufacturers or multi-account users. Everyone. Everywhere. Anytime.


Our industries

Premium Positioning is operational in Europe, North America, Japan and South Africa. Within these area’s we are delivering precise positioning services through our global RTK Premium GNSS network in the following industries:

  • Machine control
  • UAV
  • Autonomous driving
  • Surveying (land, air and water)
  • Marine
  • Robotics

We are serving many clients accross the globe in these industries, making us experienced and a strong partner by understanding your individual challenges.

Backed by our partners: CNH Industrial, GEO ++


Single - RTK GNSS Network users

Our mission is to make RTK and precise positioning services available for everyone. For single users we have a special offer. With single users we mean individual surveyors who will work with just one RTK account. Our ETRF (2022) certified RTK network is compatible with every GNSS device and is brand independent, giving you all the freedom you need. Effortlessly connet your devices to our network in seconds. Through our full European cover by our 2.000+ base stations, you have the ability to use our cross-border functionality. We are proud on our 99,98% up time which we realised since 2018. Interested?

Get in touch now and receive a personalised offer today.

Clients who use our RTK solutions: marXact, Flannery, CNH Industrial


Enterprise - RTK GNSS Network accounts

For companies with multiple RTK GNSS accounts, we offer a special enterprise account in which you can manage all RTK account effortlessly. Like setting up new accounts yourself in just seconds. Our RTK Premium GNSS network is ETRF (2021) certified, compatible with every GNSS device and is brand independable, giving you all the freedom you need. Through our full European cover by our 2.000+ base stations your devices can work borderless with an incredible 99,98% up time since 2018. The best part? Our personalised offer. Get in touch now and start experiencing the strenght of our RTK Premium network.

Clients making use of this RTK solution: COPTRZ, Boels Survey & Laser


Read about how we helped specific industries


MarXact: offering brand-independent RTK solutions to their customers.


Boels Survey & Laser: cross-border RTK Network through Europe.