Besides passion and dedication,
we bring more to the table:

A global Premium RTK Network

  • We have over 2.000 base stations

  • An uptime of 99,98% in 2018, 2019 and 2020

  • Compatible with every GNSS device

  • Full European coverage, while available in Japan and North America

  • Certified ETRF coordinates

Still not convinced on the strength of our network? 
Experience it yourself if you want through this link. 

24/7 Technical Support Team

  • With 24/7 we mean: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Our Technical Support Team has excellent RTK knowledge

  • Speaking over 5 languages to support you

  • Reachable by phone and email

  • Team exists of certified RTK professionals

Partnership with CNH Industrial

  • Proud on our multi-year partnership agreement with multinational CNH Industrial

  • A multi-billion public company with over 60.000 employees

  • Marketed globally through several brands in various
    operating segments (agriculture, construction etc.)

  • Global known brands like: Case IH, Steyr, New Holland
    and many more

CNH industrial premium positioning rtk.p

IOS & Android App

  • Live status map with all reference stations and your activities

  • Receive notifications and alarms about your rovers and system

  • IOS & Android supported

  • Geofencing and curfew functions to catch posible misuse early

  • Super user-friendly interface

  • Downloadable through the app- & playstore

Premium RTK App Store - RTK - GNSS - Pre
Premium RTK App Store - RTK - GNSS - Pre

Enterprise account

  • Enterprise login for full management control of your RTK & SIM

  • Create, activate, edit and manage all your subscriptions easily

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