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Device specific information

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Device specific questions

On this page you can find the frequently asked questions about RTK and device specific related topics. Find all relevant information about GNSS Rovers and RTK Premium. How to connect RTK Premium via NTRIP. Using the right format. And what you can expect from RTK Premium. Can't you find the answer in the questions below? Don't hesitate to give us a call. Our RTK professionals are more than happy to talk you through the specifics. 

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Device specific questions
Device specific questions
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Device specific questions

What's the difference: RTK network vs a single base station?

Single base stations are limited in their range of coverage in which high accuracy can be guaranteed (1km of distance to a single base station is around 1mm additional possible variation). In addition the user may have to swap manually from station to station. A network based solution is more robust against increasing distances between rover and station: interpolation corrects upcoming inaccuracies to deliver a continuous level of correction: max 1.5 cm, no manual action is required. On top, offline reference stations can be compensated in a network by the stations around, without remarkable loss of accuracy for the user

Can I use RTK Premium on every GNSS rover?

Our RTK Premium correction services are interoperable with almost all rovers. We would recommend using the RTCM 3.1 format as this is standardised between manufacturers.

How are the RTK Premium services delivered?

Subscription credentials can be transferred via mail, they are immediately valid. Each Rover needs a unique log in to transfer the needed data via internet. Selected RINEX data is available as a download file from our webpage (after being logged in). Our SIM Cards need to be send physically, this takes normally 2 or 3 working days all over Europe, up to a max of 5 working days.

What performance can I expect from the Network RTK service?

  • Our RTK Premium correction service provides root mean square accuracies of less than 1.5 cm in plan (x,y) and less than 2.5 cm in height (z).
  • Proven by European certification and local country certification such as Kadaster in the Netherlands
  • A 24/7 monitoring behind the scenes: this allows us to provide a complete high availability solution with very limited impacts in case of faults or planned maintenance. 

How can I get a RTK Premium and/or RINEX subscription?

The account will be requested directly at Premium Positioning or at one of our resellers: Immediately or for a later date. Within Premium Positioning we believe that the quality of services can be best experienced through personal use. If you are not sure if RTK Premium suits your use case, take advantage of our free trial. Interest? Please contact us and get an experience account for free.

How do I know if I can use RTK Premium on my equipment?

GNSS Rovers have the standard NTRIP protocol embedded in their software. This acts as a switchboard for GNSS RTK Premium services to enable you to connect with your subscription user ID and password. To connect to RTK Premium via NTRIP you then need to have a mobile internet connection, which can be established via our M2M SIM card.

What are the costs of RTK Premium?

There are many different types of flexible subscription tariffs with different prices. To receive more details on the individual pricing, get in touch with our Customer Service (

What subscription models do you offer?

  • Currently we are offering limited and unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited (no restriction in time and data volume) on a yearly, half year and monthly basis.
  • Limited accounts are monthly (40 hours) and quarterly (120 hours) based 
  • To receive more details on the individual pricing, get in touch with our Customer Service (

Is there a difference between the UAV and mapping licence?

From a technical perspective, there is no difference in the RTK signal. From a support perspective, there is a difference since it is mostly more difficult for a rover on the land to reach RTK accuracy, than for a drone in the air. Pricing for drones only differs in the Netherlands, all other countries it is similar to the other applications.