Get access to our RTK Premium network!

Get access to our RTK Premium network!

99,98% uptime - 60km av. baseline, 25+ countries - brand independent, cross-border

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RTK Premium GNSS Network


  • Globally present with over 2.000 base stations
  • Accuracy of <1.5cm with European certification
  • Continuity with >99.998% uptime since 2018
  • Availability in 25+ European countries 
  • Affordable with strongly competitive price
  • Proven with >30.000 running RTK accounts
  • Compatible with every GNSS device
  • Universally standard RTCM ETRS89 format
  • Dense with average baseline distance of 70 km
  • Trustworthiness through partnership with CNH Industrial
  • Convenience by working cross-border with same settings
  • Secured by state of the art GEO++ GNSMART (II) software
  • EU Certified ETRF coordinates


RTK Premium GNSS Network
RTK Premium GNSS Network

Partners in delivering a brand independent RTK GNSS network