Premium Positioning

Premium Positioning

Making precise positioning services available for everyone through a best-in-class RTK GNSS Network.

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About Premium Positioning

Characterized as entrepeneurial, passionate, hands-on and transparent. Driven by a passion for creating technological innovation, we focus on making precise positioning effortlesly for everyone.

What we believe

Making precise positioning services available for everyone.


We believe in making precise positioning services available for everyone. This is the reason why we started Premium Positioning. We deliver on our promise by offering transparent high-quality solutions for everyone within the precise positioning industry. We are operational in industries such as: surveying, UAV, machine control, robotics and autonomous driving.

In those industries we make live easier for our clients. By integrating our RTK GNSS network in their hardware products or by giving companies the possibility to use an enterprise account so companies can manage their own RTK fleet in seconds. All in combination with transparent pricing, a high service level and an intrisic eagerness to help you be successful. 


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Making precise positioning services available for everyone.
Making precise positioning services available for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Premium Positioning?

Premium Positioning is a Netherlands based company, founded by international tech enthusiasts. Premium Positioning provides subscription based RTK correction services in Europe, and if required: cross-border all over Europe (>25 countries). Premiums' philosophy: making precise positioning available for everyone through reliable corrections for a decent price. Beside their business focus and philosophy Premium Positioning sees it as an obligation to support and drive the development of RTK based technologies in different industries and branches.

What are your bank details?

Bank name: Rabobank
Country: Netherlands
IBAN: NL83RABO0346994527
Currency code: EURO 978

What are your company details?

Company details:

Company name:  Premium Positioning B.V.
Address: Meerenakkerweg 1A, 5652 AR, Eindhoven,
Country: The Netherlands
KvK / CoC number: 76100413 
VAT number NL860507373B01
Phone: +31(0)85 0606 338
Contact: Peter Gerritsen
Function: Managing Director

Where can I find the privacy statement?

The privacy statement can be found via the following link:

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be found via the following link:

Long-term partnerships

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Premium Positioning



Founded in 2019, Premium Positioning is there to make a substantial difference within the precise positioning industry. As a privately owned company, Premium Positioning is delivering a transparent proposition through a strong RTK GNSS network in combination with a hands-on mentality and high level of service. Until date Premium Positioning is showing significant growth and is operational in 20+ European countries. Our Head Office is based in the Brainport region in the Netherlands, supported by local sales offices in Hannover Germany and Copenhagen Denmark. We are continuously on the lookout to strengthen our business by new partnerships, opening new markets, adding RTK professionals to our already talented team of savvy tech entrepreneurs and doing this in a way where we deeply care about our role on the planet. 


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Peter Gerritsen, Managing Director Premium Positioning

We promise to deliver “Precise Positioning for Everyone”, and we do this by making precise positioning services easily available, accessible and affordable for everyone through a best-in-class RTK GNSS Network.